Regenere yarn is the production of yarns from recycled fibers.
The production of regenerated yarn is to collect the residues of textiles and ready-to-wear, to be re-formed into pieces and to re-produce these fibers.
The fiber residues that become fiber are processed into yarn by using the Open End spinning technique in the yarn stage by adding some chemical substances for easier processing.
The purpose of regenerated yarns is carpets, rugs, velvet, upholstery fabrics, knitwear, socks, cleaning products, blankets etc. to reduce the cost in such products.
In our world, there have been great changes and developments in the last century.
With the development of technology, it is seen that naturalness is consumed and nature is getting more and more polluted every day.
For these reasons, recycled regenerated products come into prominence in every sector.
Regenerating all kinds of products has gained great importance now; this also applies to regenerated yarn.
IHYA Yarn produces regenerated yarns with Rieter R40 open end machines with advanced technology.
The monthly average capacity of our factory is 200 tons / month.
In order to protect our world more than textile residues in the coming years and to help nature with renewable regenerated yarn, we aim to continue our investments by increasing the capacity by following the latest technologies and to provide the best service.
Environment Friendly Production
We are pursuing a friendly production policy by reusing recycled raw materials.


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