Message from the President

Message from the President

We think that the most basic needs of the textile world are "quality and trust". For this reason, we have built our company on two foundations and we maintain all our commercial and individual relationships with the principles of "quality and trust".

We have never feared material losses in order not to compromise our basic principles.
In the textile world that we entered in 1995, the philosophy of quality and trust that we adopted to ourselves has made us, yarn, knitting and dye an integrated production facility.
The power given by Integrated  facility production, we have become a leading manufacturer of knitted fabrics in short time in Turkey. The regenerated yarn, a fruit of today's social projects, is in serious demand in the world.
This product, which is advantageous in price, is also very important in terms of re-evaluation of old products which are not used and environmental sensitivity.
In order to keep up with the constantly evolving market conditions, we established our new regeneration yarn factory in 2018.
We achieved a serious leap in quality in regenerated yarn production in a very short period of time and we began to see the accuracy of our investments in a short time.
We ​​continue with motto the quality requires continuity. The most important goal in our commercial life  to increase our export figures and increase our presence in the regions where the sector is dense. I have no doubt that the motto of quality and trust, which we have rested to the end, will bring us to a very good level in export.
Our machine and device preferences have always been the latest technology products.
With our fully equipped laboratories and our trained staff, we are planning every stage of our production seriously.
We can achieve competitive advantage in the sector with well-trained individuals.
The fact that the philosophy of quality and trust has been adopted by all our staff, especially our staff, is very important for us and is the golden key to our success.
As İhya Family, we continue our investments by paying attention to the environment, protecting the environment and keeping ourselves constantly updated.
İlyas HAVUÇ | Chairman
İhya Tekstil Tic. Ve San.Ltd.Şti.
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